If You Would Escape to a Medieval Castle
Nestled in a Wooded Glen. . .

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Siege Engines—Trebuchets, Ballistas, Catapults

Siege engines were the dreaded “big guns” of the Middle Ages. Meet these moat-busters up close. Learn how to identify a catapult, ballista, or trebuchet by its basic features and uses.

Armor, Weapons, and Shields

How are they made, those intimidating weapons and adornments of the chivalrous man-at-arms? What are the parts of a medieval sword or the components of a suit of armor called? We’ll bring you up to speed.

Medieval Castles

Towering and beautiful, castles of the Middle Ages embody the massive power struggles that existed in our past. Heed the lure of these magnificent fortresses. Planning a getaway soon?

Medieval, Renaissance, & Mythological Fantasy Entertainment

Looking for a Renaissance fair or simply a fun knight out? Whether it's an evening at Medieval Times or a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, we’ll bring you schedules and directions.

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